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We provide translation services within exceptional languages. They are most of all the languages of Baltic states – Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and the languages of Scandinavian countries – Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Icelandic. On client’s request, we translate in all combinations of most of the European languages, i.a. English, Russian, German.

We focus on delivering the highest quality of our translations. We strive to ensure that the translation language is adapted to the realities of a given country and culture, therefore we use the help of native speakers of the target language.

Our team consists of professional translators of Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Scandinavian languages. They also include sworn translators and native speakers of these languages. Their knowledge and competence are a guarantee of top quality and professional services.

Written translations

We offer sworn and unsworn translations from Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian as well as Scandinavian languages. All translations are subject to substantive and linguistic verification.


We offer consecutive interpreting, assistance of an interpreter during meetings, talks, conferences, etc. At the client’s request, we can also provide other interpreting services.

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Exceptional Languages

We are one of the few professional translation agencies in Poland that operate in a unique linguistic area. We provide translations from Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and from the languages of Scandinavian countries in combinations with Polish, English, Russian, etc..

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