We provide individual (free and non-binding) quote for each order, allowing for several modes of delivery.

To get a quote, please fill out the form below and enclose the file/files you would like to translate.

To get a quote for interpretation service, you will have to provide a brief description of the job in question (place, time, number of guests, subject matter). On this basis we will be able to estimate the cost of interpretation service, offer the best possible time of delivery and present you with the conditions of order.

    1. Quotation

    Free and non-binding quote of each order.

    2. Translation

    After receiving the relevant data, we present the terms of cooperation.

    3. Finalization

    We complete the translation and the entire order (documentation).

    The basis for quotation is the text length expressed in billing pages (standard pages). One billing page consists of 1800 characters (including spaces) in case of unsworn translation and 1125 characters (including spaces) in case of sworn translation (the number of billing pages is calculated by dividing the total number of characters in the text by 1800/1125, depending on the type of translation). The number of billing pages is always rounded up to a full half (e.g. 16,33 is 16,5 billing pages). In case of a project consisting of several single texts, only the final number of billing pages is rounded up, not each page separately. The minimum text length is one billing page. Interpretation services are quoted on different terms. The basis for the quotation of consecutive interpretation is the total number of hours spent by the interpreter on completing the order, starting with the moment of engagement in the project. The minimum required interpreter’s working time in large cities (Warsaw, Poznan, Cracow) is 3 hours, in other cases there is a need of individual quotation depending on interpreters’ availability. Simultaneous interpretations are quoted on the basis of working blocks for a single interpreter (one working block equals 4 hours). Due to the difficulty level of simultaneous interpretations, at least one pair of interpreters is required for a single language issue.

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