Written translations

We provide sworn and unsworn translations from Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian as well as Scandinavian languages. Our offer also includes DTP service (reproduction of the graphics of a document).

Written translations are performed in two modes: standard mode and express mode. We can also complete a translation within a few hours.

On client’s request we may provide professional copywriting and localisation services (adapting the text to the intended purpose, language culture, realities of a given country or region).

In addition to the standard verification of translated texts, it is also possible to order additional stylistic proofreading by a native speaker of the target language.


As far as interpretation is concerned, we offer consecutive interpretating – interpretation takes place after each short fragment of speech and doesn’t require any specialised equipment.

We offer linguistic assistance during speeches, trainings, presentations, business meetings, conferences, etc. Interpretation is performed by perfectly skilled linguists. But their assets are not just perfect language skills, it is also the knowledge of a target-language country and the mentality of its residents. These values make their interpretations solid and reliable to recipients all over the world.

Written translations

We offer sworn and unsworn translations from Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian as well as Scandinavian languages. All translations are subject to substantive and linguistic verification.


We offer consecutive interpreting, assistance of an interpreter during meetings, talks, conferences, etc. At the client’s request, we can also provide other interpreting services.

Free quotation

Free quotation and a friendly on-line order system. Sworn and unsworn translations, consecutive and simultaneous interpretations, editing, proofreading and others.


Guarantee of high-quality service and competence of our translators. Accuracy, client orientation and quick delivery of orders.


Safety of entrusted content – all of our co-workers are subject to a non-disclosure agreement.

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